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Counterfeit Warning

It has been brought to our attention that replica items (copies & fakes), together with Grey Imports have become widely available across the internet.

These products are often listed at very attractive prices in order to draw people’s attention; however, these products are, more often than not, extremely substandard and will also not be covered under any UK warranty.

Selling of counterfeit or unlicensed Bushnell goods is illegal and can result in heavy fines and at times even imprisonment. Unfortunately, the selling of such goods is rife throughout the online world and in particular, auction sites. Therefore if you decide to buy from such places, instead of through an authorised UK Bushnell seller, then you are taking the risk that your purchased goods will be fake.

Grey Imports
Grey Imports products are items that have been traded through distribution channels which, whilst legal, are unofficial and unauthorized by the original manufacturer.

Grey Importers source Bushnell products from foreign markets, where they can purchase at cheaper prices and then sell in the UK at prices which appear extremely attractive, at first. However, these products, more often than not, do not include the valuable addition of a recognised Bushnell UK warranty. This means that even if the product is faulty or is in any need of repairing after a period of use, buyers will not be covered.

Prices of Grey Imports will always appear attractive to UK buyers at first, however, the advertised price will not include import duty or VAT at 20% and UK buyers are legally required to pay this on receipt of the goods, not the importer. UK buyers also run the risk of their imported goods being seized by H.M Customs and Excise should they deem the Custom’s declaration to be misleading.

Grey Imported Bushnell products will not being covered under any official UK warranty.

Invalid warranties
To be fully covered under an official UK warranty, you must purchase Bushnell products from an authorised and official Bushnell seller.

Buyers should be aware of the risks they take when ordering Bushnell items through unofficial channels, as not only might these products be Grey Imports, so are packaged with misleading Customs documentation as vendors are looking to save themselves paying import duty and VAT, but they might also be counterfeit.

These goods are likely to be seized and confiscated by H.M Customs and Excise and then possibly even destroyed if found to be fake. Once confiscated, buyers will find that they are on their own and their seller is either nowhere to be found or no longer interested.