Bushnell Trophy Cam 2012 Trail Camera

Keep an eye out for this incredible new model in the Trophy Cam range, due for launch at the end of this month (June).

Who could believe that Bushnell’s Trophy Cams could get any better; but once again, they have come up trumps with this latest offering, a Trail Camera that not only far surpasses many others on the market with its impressive one year battery life, in addition to its fast trigger speed but it also shows off a huge number of improvements and upgrades from precious models.

Be sure to check out this 2012 trail camera model and see for yourself just how the HD video resolution with audio record provides spectacular clarity and detail. You get two windows of image capture with the New Field Scan 2x, which means that you can won’t miss a thing during dusk or dawn.

Hyper NightVision is also included, which means that when light is at its lowest; you’ll still be able to capture some excellent images and if you are after extra stealth, then you can also choose one of the no-glow black LED models.

As if that’s not impressive enough, new Auto PIR technology will regulate the sensitivity based on the temperature that is detected, which means that consistency will be at a maximum no matter the weather conditions. GPS Geotag has also been added which means that every time an image is taken, GPS coordinates are embedded, which makes it easier for people to track, plus the time stamps on the images are even more detailed in this latest model.

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